Chemical Cleaning Services
Mineral acid wash
Chelants wash
Caustic wash
Surfactant wash
Decontamination/Degassing services
Alkalization Unit- HF and Sulfuric
Pre-operational cleaning
Decommissioning cleaning
Reactor neutralization
Stainless Steel Neutralization
Pyroforic Neutralization

Tank Cleaning
Coker Quench and Feed Injection
Cement Kiln Fuel
Oil Recovery
Waste Recycle and DisposalOnsite Services
Vapor Control Services
Spill Response
Soil Remediation
Rig Washing

Waste Transportation

Hydro Blasting
Vacuum Services 

Sage Enviro Tech offers a wide variety of environmental solutions for petrochemical companies, refineries and the oilfield. These solutions are designed, built, managed, and operated to provide clients with superior waste management transfer, minimization and processing of hazardous and non-hazardous materials both in central or remote locations. All our solutions are designed and built around our client’s requirements, budget and goals.  Sage Enviro Tech take a unique approach to these successful solutions by providing long term operational, maintenance and service agreements to our clients which helps reduce operational costs.  

Agitated Electro Chemical Reactor–AECR 
 Media Filtration 
Membrane Filtration 
Industrial Softeners 
Reverse Osmosis 
Chemical Skids​

HF Alkylation Waste Treatment Solu-tion/KOH Manufacturing